You did a mega session for me in 2006. I do believe Larry told me if I didn’t use the finasteride, I’d be back to see you again in 10 years, and here it is 10 years later and I’d say I’m due for the topup! As luck would have it I’m on a ship headed for Cape Town. I was really pleased with the results from the last procedure.
Thanks again, look forward to seeing you soon.


Today it’s been 9 months post-surgery and I literally have a head full of hair! The numbness and sensitivity experienced over the top of my head since the surgery is now 90% gone and my hair continues to grow. My hair line is thickening and the follicles have gone from sprouting 1 strand to 2 and 3 strands. My confidence is gone through the roof. When I tell people I’ve been for hair transplant surgery I get laughed at and told I’m talking absolute rubbish!

The last guy I told about my implants responded with (and I quote) “are you sh#*ting me??? Dude! You have a freaking afro!!!!” (He’s the guy that has visited you recently for a consult and will be back soon for his treatment)

I may have written an essay about my experience but all I intended to do was praise and thank you Doc for the absolute life changing experience you have given me. I remember telling you on the day of my consult / surgery that all I want is to be like those guys you have up on your wall. And you have given it to me. I, just like them have been given back the gift of youth!! And that is all thanks to you. Your kindness, honesty, enthusiasm and bubbly-ness has won over my heart and will continue to do so in the future. As for your assistants, my love and gratitude to them all. Especially Lucinda who assisted me with my bookings and transfers etc.

The work you are doing impacts people’s lives tremendously and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of each and every follicle you have planted and the bottom of my heart, lungs and kidneys for restoring my youth…

It’s been an epic journey and 1 which I will never forget. I’ve sang your praises to everyone that has noticed my hair growth and will continue to do so. (Basically I’ve been a walking business card) Most importantly, you gave me your word that your treatment will restore my hair and you have kept to it and for that I am forever grateful!

I wish you every success in the future and may God bless you with your hearts desires.


I was there for an operation about 18 months ago.
I am so satisfied with my op! You cannot imagine the complements I have received!!
Yet, I would like to consider a follow up operation.
I was thinking of doing this operation again in October.


Dear Dr Larry Gershowitz,

It is hard to believe that six months have passed since my surgery. How time flies.

My experience at MHR was fantastic to say the least. The first few days after surgery were probably the hardest. Some swelling did occur in my face about a week after surgery but this went away within 48 hours. Gradually things become easier as the time passed.

The scabs on my head began to fall off after a few days as expected. Initially only a handful of scabs came off my head after every wash during my stay in Johannesburg. However within hours of arriving in Wellington, I experienced a lot of itching and the scabs began literally falling off my head but were almost completely gone after about two or three hair washes.

I had my sutures removed by my doctor and his nursing staff on 11 June 2012. They were very impressed at what they saw.

There was a small amount of bleeding, on odd scar here and there afterwards but they healed within weeks.

The new follicles began growing around September and I’ve attached images of my head and myself for you to see the progress.

Apart from an improved physical appearance, the hair transplant has also made me feel more confident about myself and as a result I have become more sociable and outgoing. Virtually all of my coworkers at work have noticed my new hairline.

I would love to “pop in” for a follow up evaluation and consultation but this is not possible since I currently reside in New Zealand, though you are welcome to contact me via Skype.


Dear Dr. Gershowitz, Dr. Jankelowitz and all the ladies at Medical Hair Restoration

Just over three months ago I had the FR8 procedure at your practise.

First I want to thank you, Dr Gershowitz for making it possible for me to get the treatment. Thank you for explaining everything, more than once.

Dr Jankelowitz thank you for doing the treatment. Everyone made me feel so comfortable and really took the time to explain the whole procedure and answered all my questions.

I was really hoping just to get any results, even if it was just a small change. I have been struggling with this problem for a few years and nothing seemed to really make a difference.

About a month after the procedure I started seeing a fine line of hair starting to form at my hairline. I was so excited but so scared that it was only there and not all over my scalp. Another few weeks passed and my hairdresser confirmed that she could see new hairs growing everywhere.

I took a photo a couple of days after I had the treatment and again last week. The results are amazing, more than I could of ever hoped for.

Thank you to the most amazing people!


Dear Ryan, Larry and the rest of the team.

Thanks for following up on my progress after the procedure.
Recovery was uneventful; I can truly say that I haven’t had any issues whatsoever. I believe that I have lost a total of 1 graft. The other 1399 all seems to be there and happily growing, despite the travelling.
I have to commend you on the exceptional service and your meticulous attention to minute detail. More than any other surgical speciality, the difference between mediocre and exceptional hairgrafting results, lie in planning and relentless pursuit of perfection. Well done.
The whole process was really comfortable and you have certainly taken local anaesthesia to the next level. I am normally scared of needles and this was painless.
Thanks again

It has been almost exactly a year since Dr Larry performed FUT Hair transplant on me. I have waited this long to write a review because it takes about a year to see the final results. Where to start? There are about 4-5 hair clinics in Cape Town. So how do you figure out which one to trust? I found it very difficult to find other people who have had an operation to speak too. I knew Dr Larry had been practising for 30 years and I have seen him featured as a guest on numerous TV shows over the years. So I decided that he would be the best person to choose. A year later I am really happy with the results.

It’s really amazing and I will try and post some pictures here. Included are some information on the operation and the aftermath. I was really nervous about the procedure but a hair transplant is actually a minor operation and day of the operation went very smoothly. The big thing to note is that after the operation your face swells up and you look like Harry Potter when his face got jinxed in Malfoy Manor in Deathly Hallows part 1(you get written briefing about all these and other things).

Other than that the back of my head felt mildly numb for about 2 months after(from FUT). The big takeaway you need to realize is it going to take ONE YEAR to grow your hair – to see the final results. The other thing is because the hair is from the back of your head it does not act exactly the same as the hair in the front. I used to have a cowlick but the new hair acts differently now. Also, you are going to take a single daily tablet of Propecia for the rest of your life. A certain number of people do get bad sexual side effects so be aware of that, and read up about it, but I have been lucky and only had a temporary libido drop that returned to normal after a month or 2.

Would I recommend Medical Hair Restoration and Dr Larry? 100% Yes, definitely! If you want to ask more about my experience please don’t hesitate too. I would have really appreciated finding someone to talk that had been through it all before.

I have to commend you on the exceptional service and your meticulous attention to minute detail. More than any other surgical speciality, the difference between mediocre and exceptional hairgrafting results, lie in planning and relentless pursuit of perfection. Well done.
The whole process was really comfortable and you have certainly taken local anaesthesia to the next level. I am normally scared of needles and this was painless.
Thanks again
Regards, Grant Matthew
Matthew Grant

I want to thank you for making my FR8 Follicular treatment a wonderful experience! I was so afraid, but it turned out to be the best appointment ever. I am pleased to say that i had no bruising whatsoever. I was not swollen or red and had hardly any pain during the procedure. My scalp felt a little tender for 2 days when i slept on my pillow, but otherwise it was an absolute breeze. I owe that to your skilful hands. I am hoping the results will be as impressive as your workmanship. On a positive note my hair seems to have stopped falling out!! I had my hair cut and it looks a lot healthier.

Gail Galvin

Thank you for the (FR-8) session in Johannesburg. I experienced no pain whatsoever even after the anaesthetic had worn off.


Dear Doctor Larry

Thank you and your professional personnel staff for the great experience. People like myself often put off these kind of procedures due to the stigma around it. Pain, never works, and non-natural look is all the lies that I been told.

I must admit, that the only negative feeling that I have had following my surgery is the fact that I had never done the procedure earlier. I am at that colourless thin strands phase, as you mentioned below, but the results are becoming more noticeable as each day passes. There are visible gaps between the grafted hair but you had made me aware that this was due to the low number of grafts obtained from the poor 2200 yield. I must however mention that the positioning of each graft was perfect considering you had such a large area to cover. I am also aware, that I am in the 50% growth mark, so I am sure the gaps between will start to close as times passes.

I have no problems to take my hat off to you for the brilliant work done. (Pun Intended)

I will definitely make an appointment to visit your clinic for a consultation, when in the beautiful Western Cape again else, you could inform me on the dates you going to be in Sandton again.


Hi Dr Larry

I hope you are doing well.

It has now been nearly two years since my procedure ,and I just thought about it again today,how chuffed I am with the results and how different my life would have been if I did not have that procedure done!


A while ago I also received a follow-up email with regards to my progress. I must say, at first, I was a bit sceptical about the regrowth, but about 2months ago my hair started to rapidly regrow.

For the first time in ages I can now go to work, gym, social events without wearing a hat.. That for me alone, is the single best thing I’ve received!

And as per your previous mail, the regrowth process isn’t even completed. So I am VERY excited to see what my hair holds for me.

A HUGE thank you to Dr. Larry!

Thanks again!!!


Hi Larry,

Me and “J” are doing great.

Things have settled down well and are starting to look great. The beginning is always a bit difficult, but round 2 was much easier than round 1 but I’m feeling so relaxed and confident now, I was using hair spray to keep things covered and i always used to wear a cap to go to gym (for years), no hair spray and no cap now, its awesome.

Thank you very very much.


Thank you so much for the follow up. So far my hair looks great… I have a hairline and a new hairstyle. I am very excited to see the results in the next 6 months. You guys are the best! Thank you for changing my life!



I first started noticing my eyebrow hairloss in 1979. I had over plucked and was left with thin and patchy brows. I was embarrassed. I had to pencil eyebrows in every day and I envied women with fuller shaped eyebrows. I tried all sorts of serums that promised to give me lovely fuller looking eyebrows; they just cost me a fortune, gave me false hope and never worked!

Before choosing a doctor I did my research. I’m from the UK and was considering using a company in Harley Street, London, however as I’m a regular visitor to Cape Town I thought I would check out a reputable practice and compare prices; I’m glad I did. I saved a fortune and I truly believe I received better treatment at MHR and the aftercare was second to none.

On the day of the procedure I was excited and nervous. MHR told me how my day was planned out so I knew exactly what would happen, what aftercare I would receive and how I would look after my new eyebrows had been transplanted.

When I arrived I was welcomed with a coffee, my husband was briefed on approximately what time to return to the clinic and collect me. I was then taken into the operating room which was clean and relaxing. Dr Janks gave me a small injection to numb my forehead, which worked as I felt very little. He then removed a small strip of hair from the back of my head, and 2 nurses extracted the hair from the strip. Dr Janks then made tiny slits in my eyebrows where the new hairs would go and the nurses neatly inserted the hairs. Dr Janks oversaw everything and I was always informed what was happening. I think I may have dosed off at some point; it seemed to go so quickly; before I knew it I was in the car going home.

My post op recovery:

Day 1, I was pretty swollen around the eyes and as the medication wore off I felt a bit uncomfortable. I took the painkillers given to me and also the sleeping tablet. After a few days I started to scab over; I got a bit itchy then but just dabbed my eyebrows to help the itching. By day 3 I felt confident enough to go out, I had a fringe so there was nothing to see. Within a week I looked so much better, I was back to normal life and so happy with my lovely brows.

I waited almost 40 years to repair my eyebrows, mainly because the technology was not there when I was in my twenties. If it was, I would have done it then! It’s so worth it, I wouldn’t delay another day if you desire lovely eyebrows.

I just adore my brows, I’m more confident and it’s just one less thing I have to worry about.Everyone that is close to me thinks they are lovely and I look so much better.


I would like to share my experience of the above mentioned treatment. Firstly the fact that the procedure is unknown, and the thought of what it may embrace, make you feel almost scared to have it done. I, however, had a very good experience. I was kept informed of every action and of what I might feel and really felt at ease during the whole procedure. I never felt any of the pricks or stings I was told that I might feel. In fact, I felt nothing at all! It was done so professionally and lying down during the course of the procedure, it felt like an afternoon nap. I thought that I would need a pain stiller that night, but even that was not necessary. In short, I would rather go through another Follicular Regenerate Therapy than going to a dentist! It really was a painless experience!

Leon de Villiers

Great to hear about your successes, well done!

You guys have truly changed my life and I have been so grateful ever since..

Continue to do your great works.

Calvin Ettish

My healing process has been very good (better and quicker that the first procedure). My scar is still a bit red, but at least there hasn’t been as much stretching as I experienced with the first operation (if it does, I’ll take Dr. Gershowitz up on his offer to remove the scar at a later stage, but for now it’s not necessary). Hair regrowth has started, with evidence of shoots all over my head, so I’m very, very happy.


To the doctor who made me prettier and more self esteemed and to the staff that is the rock behind him.

I can not even begin to explain how happy I am. The hair growth started within a month after the procedure and since two month already I could clip the hair back.

I am sure it won’t take long anymore and I won’t be reminded that I had a procedure done at all. The only thing I do is stroking it into the right
direction every morning and apply a bit of hair structure gel. I will send you a picture in my next mail.

I am in Germany right now but will be back in mid-February and I will gladly take advantage of showing you all my new hair. Until then I wish you all the best
and thumps up for your precious work.


Good day Dr Gershowitz,

Just a quick email to thank you for the professional way in which my transplant was handled and executed. From the arrangements for the guest house to the procedure, everything was done extremely well.

Thank you so much.


Great to hear from you.

I am still absolutely thrilled with the work you guys did on my noodle!

Fantastic success the transplant was.

THANK YOU once again.


Thank you so very very much Doc Larry

I appreciate it

I would like to let you know that since taking the Finpecia and using a Minoxidil spray, I have seen great results. My hair is thicker and healthier than ever, a remark confirmed by my hairdresser each time she cuts my hair! Wat I have also found is that it is not as dry and brittle as before. It seems with change in diet, lower stress levels and the use of medication, I have found a easy solution to my problem, and most of the thanks goes to you, mainly for the kind and positive words when I saw you.


Hi Dr Larry,

I visited your Surgery in January 2014 while i was down in SA.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a stellar job. It’s been almost 4 years now & my hair has never looked better! You have no idea how much you’ve done in restoring my confidence.

I hope to visit you sometime in the future & thank you for everything you’ve done.


“I had no idea that I could send my pictures through the net and get an accurate consultation.Whenever I contacted other places, for the same procedure, they would simply try to sell me products and treatments that I don’t need. This is the first time that I have received the information I asked for. Thank you once again.”


Dear Dr Lacob,

I want to thank you for the treatment you gave me for my hair.

I really thought I would be bald at a young age but with your three sets of injections my hair has been growing so much – I get compliments all the time!

Furthermore, I would really like to commend you on the way you treat your patients –
I suffered some side effects following the first two sets of injections but you cared for me so well until I was 100% fine.
You then changed your strategy for ‘set three’ of the injections, and it worked! It was completely pain-free with no negative side effects!

I will spread the word.

Thanks Again,
Karen Nel


When I decided to have a hair transplant I researched clinics in South Africa, as I travel there often and it seemed like a good plan to have the procedure done while away from UK – for reasons of pricing and the wish to have the procedure done while away from home. I found the web-site for MHR to be the most informative and complete and so booked a for a FUT procedure. The consultation was carried out in a friendly, relaxed environment, initially with Dr Larry Gershowitz who immediately put me at ease, explaining clearly what could be achieved and what I should expect.

The procedure went very well and the results were good. The scar from the donor area was pretty much invisible and my hairline moved forward on my head to occupy a line it had vacated decades before! I subsequently had a follow-up procedure to thicken the hair, which went well but after healing I wasn’t satisfied with a small section of scar that might have been visible when my hair was very short.

Without hesitation Larry agreed to fix the area, at no extra cost. More than 18 months later I returned to have some grafts put into the affected area. These were placed by Dr Ryan Jankelowitz in December 2019. The grafts appear to have taken very well. Both Larry and Ryan are very personable – patients quickly feel at ease in their company. Questions are encouraged and the procedures and processes are explained very clearly. I am very pleased with the results of my treatments at MHR, and I am certain that I chose the right clinic to have the work done.

Chris Clayton
London, UK