Hair Transplant Surgery, South Africa

When considering a hair transplant in South Africa, you will find many clinics in the sunny country that seem to offer the best hair transplant surgery and more. Each clinic offers the “WOW” factor and each clinic seem to fit like a glove but is it that easy to choose a hair surgeon?

On the other hand, most clinics, do not offer the trusted technique of FUT surgery anymore which stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation. This FUT surgery type may be far more suited to you for many reasons. A clinic only offering FUE (Follicular Unit Excision/Extraction) surgeries or robotic FUE surgeries can not possibly give each client the best options.

At Medical Hair Restoration there is a lead FUT surgeon and a lead FUE surgeon offering you possibilities with the best results for you and ultimately giving you the choice of your outcome. MHR surgeons have trained extensively alongside world acclaimed surgeons and have been in operation for 30 Years.

At Medical Hair Restoration you can get honest, pragmatic advice and the best type of hair transplant surgery for your needs.

FUE Hair transplant surgery

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

Doctor Ryan Jankelowitz is the lead FUE surgeon at MHR and he has been that for many years. Doctor Ryan’s trained hand and skill is clear to witness when looking at his before and after surgery testimonials and images. Doctor Ryan spent many years overseas, honing his skill amongst the top surgeons in Europe, and is now offering exceptional FUE hair transplant surgery in Cape Town, South Africa.

FUT Hair transplant surgery

FUT Hair Transplant Surgery

Doctor Larry Gershowitz is well known as Africa’s top FUT surgeon. As FUT surgery is most likely the best surgery choice for many patients with ethnic hair, Doctor Larry has performed more ethnic hair transplants than any other surgeon in Africa. When Doctor Larry is not teaching his technique to others or on television talking about hair, you will find him performing FUT surgeries near daily at MHR’s exclusive two-theatre practice in Cape Town.

Doctors Larry and Ryan offer virtual consults amid the hustle and busyness of our daily lives and Covid-19. Virtual consultations are offered as a complimentary service.