Hairline reduction surgery is one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery.

In women, a high hairline or lengthened forehead can give them a more masculine appearance and tends to “age” the face prematurely. A large forehead can detract from a woman’s “facial harmony” and symmetry, and it’s especially unpopular among younger women. Our highly qualified and experienced doctors at Medical Hair Restoration can assist you.

Forehead Reduction Hairline Lowering Surgery

When undertaking this procedure, the surgeon considers the Rule of Thirds when designing the new forehead proportions. The procedure involves a simple 1.5-hour surgery and essentially involves removing a strip of skin from the forehead and closing the “gap”, effectively lowering the hairline. This surgical procedure offers almost instant results with minimum discomfort.

Forehead Reduction Hairline Lowering

In preparation for surgery, lines are drawn onto the forehead to determine the correct hairline shape. Once the patient is comfortably positioned on the surgical bed, she is given a sedative which ensures complete comfort during the procedure. Next, a disinfectant is applied to the area and a local anaesthetic is administered. The surgery begins with a neat incision along the forehead and into the hairline. During the procedure, the measurements are checked again to ensure perfection. The excess skin is then removed from the forehead. The hairline is pulled forward and the incision is closed with small, neat stitches. The area is cleaned again and bandages have been applied that remain for 2 days. Stitches are removed after 10 days.

The procedure, in our experience, is well tolerated. Within 3 to 7 days of surgery, the vast majority of patients can return to work. Within weeks of surgery, many patients can pull their hair back.

Our method provides long-term results and does not require repeating; however, a second surgery may be performed at a later date to further decrease the hairline.

The cost depends on several factors, including whether the operation is done in stages, the amount of hairline reduction required, and the surgeon doing the procedure. The cost of conscious sedation and surgery is around R22,500 (excl. VAT). Because it is considered a cosmetic procedure, health insurance usually does not cover forehead reduction surgery.