Eyebrow transplants? Yes, it’s possible!

Eyebrows are a very prominent and expressive feature of the face. People who have little or no eyebrow hair might want to change the appearance of their eyebrows. Having an eyebrow transplant will improve the appearance of your eyebrows and is commonly indicated for the following reasons:

– cosmetic – genetically sparse eyebrows, thinning/loss with age or as a result of over-plucking

– scarring from trauma, burns, or surgery

– trichotillomania

– alopecia areata (stable)

– loss of eyebrows due to hypothyroidism

Eyebrow transplant has become a popular procedure. Many have stated that the interest and trend for lusher brows are in direct correlation with the increase in celebrities who have decided to grow their eyebrows once more. There have been many eyebrow fashion trends. The ’80s were a time of thick, heavy eyebrows – think of Madonna or Richard Gere. But then the ’90s loomed and many created pencil-thin eyebrows upon their brows. But when it comes to eyebrows, the fuller look is currently the norm.

Eyebrow transplant

How do eyebrow transplants work?

An eyebrow transplant procedure is similar to a hair transplant procedure. Hair grafts or hair follicles are harvested from a donor area which is usually the hair from the back and sides of the head. Both FUT and FUE harvesting techniques can be used. These hair follicles are then planted into the eyebrow area to anatomically and artistically recreate fuller and thicker eyebrows. Typically, between 50 and 375 individual hair grafts are transplanted above each eye. The graft count depends on the graft site’s size and how dense you’d prefer your brows. The 2-3  hour procedure is relatively painless. Patients only require a mild sedative and local anesthetic during the procedure. There is a short recovery period. After just one week, you should be able to return to your regular daily activities without any sign of having undergone surgery.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Get Your Beautiful Brows Back

If you long to shake off the distress you feel each time you look at your eyebrows, remember that Medical Hair Restoration has a pain-free long-term solution. It’s such an effective procedure that even celebrities, such as Megan Fox and Jennifer Connelly, have successfully reclaimed their former follicles this way. An eyebrow transplant procedure at Medical Hair Restoration starts from R12 000, 00 – cost is dependent on the harvesting technique used as well as the number of hair grafts needed. A consultation with a hair transplant surgeon can confirm that your over-plucked or too-thin eyebrows can be thickened to create the appearance that you desire.

It may seem like a small procedure but entails precision in knowledge, design, and technique to be able to provide good results to a patient with realistic expectations. Regardless of whether you’re electing to undergo restorative or cosmetic surgery, we’ll handle your needs and concerns with dedicated care.