Medical Hair Restoration strives that all patients have the correct expectations for their hair transplant

A patient’s expectations for their hair transplant procedure can tend to be affected by several aspects, including the severity of the hair loss as well as the age of the patient. Younger patients are still all too familiar with the former density of their hair and are also more than likely at a stage where they are losing their hair faster and in greater amounts. The specific social impact on each specific patient also plays a psychological role. Younger sufferers of hair loss may feel a desperate need for certain results due to their perceived understanding of a significant other’s expectations.

Hair transplant expectations for younger men

Younger and more panicked patients need to be made aware of the healing time involved and also of the exact limits of the procedure. It isn’t always possible for them to revert back to the same degree of hair coverage that they had enjoyed previously, and on occasion, it can be only enough to prevent the appearance of balding. A serious sufferer who has not been informed of what the realistic expectations are in his unique case may never be content with the operation, and it is therefore better to wait until they are fully aware before commencing.

Hair transplant expectations for older men

Hair restoration in older gentlemen with more experience of being semi-bald is another story. Such patients tend to have more realistic expectations and are generally more easily pleased. That said, some among this latter group will be used to a hair piece and it may be necessary to properly plan out what look, precisely, the patient desires, as he may wish to continue to make use of this piece. Once again in patients of a more middle ground who are steadily losing hair at the temples, rather than full-fledged hair loss at the crown, it is typically necessary to explain the depth of what can be done.

Many patients who suffer from recession at the temples may demand that it be entirely reversed, and in such circumstances, it should be made clear that such a manoeuvre would not look natural as time passes. Rather than going this extreme route, the sharp recession lines would rather be blunted by implants and the final look would be far more suitable. It is important to remember that under normal circumstances a hair transplant is successful with a 95% transplant retention, meaning that expectations can be fairly high without causing disappointment.

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