Minox(idil) 5% and Tretin(oin) 0.01% Combo 75ML


The combination of Minox(idil) and Tretin(oin) in a spray formulation has shown promising effectiveness in treating hair loss. Minox(idil), a well-known topical treatment, stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles and prolonging the growth phase of the hair cycle. Tretin(oin), a retinoid, enhances the absorption and efficacy of Minox(idil) by promoting skin cell turnover and improving the penetration of the active ingredient into the scalp. Research indicates that Tretin(oin) may also stimulate hair follicles directly, contributing to hair regrowth. Clinical studies have reported that using Minox(idil) in conjunction with Tretin(oin) results in more significant hair density and thickness improvements compared to Minox(idil) alone. This synergistic combination leverages the strengths of both compounds, offering an enhanced treatment option for individuals experiencing hair thinning and loss.



The Minox(idil) and Tretin(oin) combination can be applied once daily. This solution is known for its easy absorption into the scalp. This medication should not be used by women trying to become pregnant, are already pregnant, breastfeeding or have a heart disease.