Minox(idil) 5%


According to the doctors at Medical Hair Restoration, Minox(idil) is the first line of defence, especially in women. Hair that has been thinned, finer, and miniaturized grows back thicker and fuller. This spray should be used twice a day.

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Oral and topical minox(idil) are also available. Minox(idil) in topical form has effective carrier molecules to ensure that it reaches the hair’s root. This product should be used twice a day as part of your daily routine. Use Minox(idil) for at least 6 months to see a notable difference. Then, to maintain your results, apply Minox(idil) on a regular basis. Minox(idil) should not be used by persons who have heart disease, is pregnant, trying to fall pregnant or are breastfeeding.