Day of surgery:

I was a little jittery the morning of my op as it was my first time and I had no idea what to expect. The staff at MHR were top class and assured me I had nothing to worry about…they were right! Once the anaesthetic kicked in I literally felt zero pain or discomfort. Even though I was aware my scalp was being poked with a sharp instrument it was like receiving a head massage for 5-6 hours. Quite pleasant. That evening, I was anticipating excruciating pain to replace the effects of the anaesthesia but to my surprise, I felt very little discomfort. I popped a couple of pain killers as a precautionary measure and had a good nights rest.

Day 1:

Woke up feeling refreshed. There’s slight itchiness where the grafts and sutures are, so I can only assume the healing process has begun which is a positive sign. Feel absolutely no pain whatsoever which is a relief, hoping it remains this way.

Day 2:

Had another good nights sleep even though I’m required to sleep upright to prevent swelling. The itchiness has increased so I’m counting down the hours before I can wash my hair tomorrow.

Day 3:

FINALLY allowed to wash my hair for the first time since the surgery. Got some relief from the itchiness which was needed. I noticed when washing my head that the areas which were operated on are still fairly numb. This is probably why I haven’t needed the painkillers. Wonder how long the anaesthetic lasts? I was a little paranoid I would disrupt the grafts when washing my hair but was happy to see they’re all still intact. With clean hair, I was able to have a much clearer picture of what my new hairline will look like. Couldn’t be happier!

Day 4:

Washed my hair this morning. Still being very delicate when applying the vitamin E oil. The graft area seems so fragile! The itchiness is quite persistent, looking forward to that subsiding.

Day 5:

I got Dr Larry’s permission to play golf today. Was a scorcher of a day so there was quite a bit of sweating underneath my hat which made the itchiness a little intense. I raced home afterwards to wash my hair. The last thing I want is any kind of infection. I have no doubt that for the best results you need to religiously follow the post-op instructions that MHR provide you with.

Day 6:

First day back at work since my surgery. I had told my coworkers what I was getting done so I was a little anxious to see their reaction. They were all blown away by how much better my hairline looked, and this is only the 6th day! This surgery is a long process and you’ll only see the true results 6 months to a year down the line. Potential candidates for this surgery need to be aware of that.

Day 7:

I woke up this morning with a slight pain around the donor area. Maybe I slept awkwardly? Popped a couple of the prescribed pain killers and within a few minutes, the pain was gone. By evening time there was no soreness whatsoever.

Day 8:

I was told by Dr Larry that at this stage I shouldn’t have as many scabs as I did. I have been extra cautious when washing my hair, and when applying vitamin E oil. He reassured me that the grafts had set and I shouldn’t be afraid to really give my head a good massage which would loosen the scabs. After golf, I washed my hair thoroughly and spent a good few minutes massaging the Vitamin E oil into the graft area. Just as Larry predicted, most of the scabs came loose.

1 month:

Received a few remarks lately such as “something’s different about you, can’t pinpoint what it is”, “nice haircut”, (even though I didn’t have one). The surgery goes almost undetected by people who see you regularly and they will notice an obvious improvement in your appearance, but they’ll never guess you’ve had a hair restoration procedure specifically.

3 months:

I’ve noticed a slight thinning of my hairline which as far as I know is completely normal. Some of the donor’s hairs have fallen out but I can see the new cells beginning to sprout. I know it’s just a waiting game and I’m excited to see the final result.

5 months:

I’ve seen a big improvement in the overall growth of my hairline within the past month or so. It looks fuller and 100% natural. While comparing pictures from before the surgery until now, it’s almost unbelievable how successful this procedure has been. I’m able to wear my hair in styles today that I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing a few short months ago.