At Medical Hair Restoration, we have researched the most effective non-surgical ways to combat hair loss, and we highly recommend these treatments. Our well-trained specialists assess each client individually and recommend the ideal way forward for you. Regardless of your unique situation, we have a solution to match your requirements.

What is FR-8?

Our specialist Doctors takes just 120 millilitres of your blood and place it in a high tech centrifuge which separates protein-rich platelets from other blood components. These are then injected straight into the sparse field, stimulating growth and repair. This cutting-edge method proves to be highly efficient when it comes to non-surgical hair replacement.

How does PDO Threading work?

The PDO procedure involves aseptically injecting PDO Threads into the scalp of thinning areas to promote hair regrowth by rejuvenating damaged follicles under painless local anaesthesia.

Over the course of 6 to 8 months, the material steadily and safely dissolves.

Not sure which product is best for you? Ask our Doctors.

Our Doctors offer a detailed medical review and will assist you in choosing the correct treatment.