Surgeons mostly perform hair transplantation surgery on the scalp to address thinning hair and balding. Today, hair transplant surgery has far broader applications. Facial hair transplant surgery can restore your beard, eyebrows, and moustache. If you thought that you would never get those thick eyebrows and long lashes back, think again!


Understanding FUT and FUE

Each FUE and FUT hair transplantation surgery procedure has two vital steps. The first step is to extract hair follicles or grafts. The second step is to plant this graft back into the bald or thinning area.

The first step, harvesting the hair follicles, can be done in two contrasting procedures called FUT and FUE.

FUT and FUE Differences

During the FUT method, the surgeon removes a single strip of hair from a dense donor area like the back of your head. The surgeon then sutures the donor site closed. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is particularly suitable for ethnic hair and those suffering from severe balding.

The second method, FUE, requires the surgeon to extract grafts in a “one-by-one” method. The surgeon extracts the hair with a small surgical punch tool. Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) hair transplant surgery is a preferred choice for athletes. This is because you can shave your head and enjoy strenuous exercise again shortly after surgery.

Our Doctors are highly skilled in both FUT and FUE.

Hair Transplant Surgery Applications

Do you suffer from Traction Alopecia? Patients experience hair loss in the area where the hair has been pulled tightly for too long. Tight braids and weaves are the typical causes.

During forehead reduction, the surgeon removes a section of the patients’ forehead skin. The surgeon then attaches the two edges of the skin seamlessly. The hairline is lowered without transplanting hair.

The Doctors at MHR have developed exceptional skills in beard transplants. During facial hair restoration, the surgeon must place each hair in the correct growth direction.

There is hope for patients who have lost their lush eyebrows. At MHR, Doctors Larry and Ryan can surgically restore suitable candidates’ eyebrows to their original fullness.

Transgender hair adaption surgery is available and performed by our skilled specialist surgeons. Our Doctors understand the intricate, aesthetic differences between male and female hairlines. This is only one aspect of creating a successful transgender hair adaption.

What does a hair transplant cost in South Africa?

Procedure costs vary per individual and typically range from R30 000 upwards.

Hair implant surgery rarely costs more than R60 000. Individuals suffering from severe balding, and patients requiring a second or mega procedure can expect to spend more.

Remember that your scalp can only handle a certain number of transplanted grafts. Don’t be tempted by cheap surgeries offering thousands of grafts transplanted in one surgery.