Thousands of people suffering from undergo surgery to remedy the situation each year. The medical field is continuously evolving and developing better ways to help people who are concerned about the condition, which leaves many distressed and in need of the help of a hair clinic to restore their confidence and tresses. If you are considering going for surgery or have already had it done, keep the following tips in mind to ensure that you heal properly and get the best from the procedure.

Minimise Your Exposure to the Sun

No wandering around the in the great outdoors right after you’ve had your – unless you’re wearing a hat or carrying an umbrella to provide yourself with some shade. While the sun won’t necessarily affect the follicle growth, it can be painful to experience sunburn after your surgery. It can also cause skin discoloration and permanent redness.

Managing Discomfort

Some patients may experience a certain amount of discomfort after the surgery. This is normal and shouldn’t last more than a day or two. After that there may be a bit of tenderness but this is nothing to be concerned about. Ensure that you speak to your medical practitioner before surgery to determine which medication is ideal to prevent any more discomfort than usual.


It is normal for you to want to enjoy the results of your newly transplanted hair after surgery – and you should! After hair restoration surgery, it is crucial to groom and style your hair properly to ensure the best possible results. Remember to check with your physician after the procedure to determine which products are best to use and to find out how soon after surgery you can start to use them. You may be encouraged to use shampoo the day after your hair surgery.


It is important to keep the area moisturised as it is likely to itch a little after the treatment. Scratching the area is not a good idea as it can sometimes cause the grafts to loosen or dislodge, especially within the first few days. Moisture is important as it not only helps to decreases itching but also promotes healing. Your doctor may recommend a saline solution or an anti biotic ointment which can be used on the scalp – make sure to find the right product to suit you so that your life post hair loss treatment is as comfortable as possible.