Doctors of this revolutionary new treatment in the making have indicated that regardless of the hair loss reason, stem cell treatments can and will create a new head of hair for the patient. A massive 70 to 80 percent of all of those who were involved with the stem cell clinical trials have shown very positive results, results that are more then notable! For those with thinning hair, this is a remarkable new concept to look forward to in the future.

When one thinks of stem cells, there are always negative connotations associated with this often misunderstood treatment. Whether it is a social ill or a political agenda, there are many who are constantly harping on about the ills of stem cell research and procedures. The truth of the matter is that stem cells are the future – and doctors are embracing them in order to save lives; and in this case, re-grow hair. In this instance, your own blood would be used. The platelets with growth triggers are then isolated and then injected directly back into the scalp. Hair follicle stem cells are then triggered and begin to re-grow. This is the miracle of cellular medicine.

The next avenue of medicine is indeed cellular in nature. From therapy to new growth factors, stem cell research will continue to contribute much needed live-saving advances for both men and women. Yet for , the studies have only just begun.