As a vibrant individual with a full head of hair, the causes of hair loss can be perplexing. The average person’s head sheds one hundred hairs per day. This is no real cause for concern, as long as your scalp is replenishing these losses. When hair loss begins to exceed these thresholds, then it is time to worry. Hair loss is a crushing blow to anyone’s ego, and can be remedied to a certain extent. There is some good news though; a hair research team may have discovered the gene that is responsible for hair loss.

After six or so years of intense research, a rare hereditary form of hair loss known as Hypotrichosis Simplex has been identified, and this also includes the receptors that assist with hair growth. The scientists that have worked so hard to eliminate this terrible affliction will try to include their findings in new forms of therapies. Hypotrichosis Simplex may be unbelievably rare, but it will also prove to intensely critical in the search for the total understanding of the condition in order to improve current hair loss treatments.

Hypotrichosis Simplex is a gene that is inherited by males and females, with the individual going bald from childhood. Hair loss of course advances with age and the genetic defect that comes with this disease is no help either. A certain set of receptor structures on the surface of the hair follicle are prevented from forming. For a hair follicle to function normally it requires a chain reaction of receptors must ‘fire off’; this causes the cells outside to bind with the inside. This receptor was as of recently, unknown to hair implant scientists the world over.

Researchers have been able to identify these defective receptors structures. They are highly suited for specific attack points for the new drug treatments – this opens up new avenues of research and a future that includes the selective, concentrated search for answers that will create new possibilities for hair loss treatments. Thanks to scientific endeavours and from tests performed on a number of subjects from all over the world who suffer from Hypotrichosis Simplex, hair loss can be lessened to a massive degree.