MatriStem MicroMatrix, a product made by regenerative medical innovator Acell Inc., has created a wound healing powder compound that stimulates healing, tissue growth and now assists with the regeneration of hair in the donor and recipient regions of hair transplant patients. MatriStem was initially intended for venous ulcers, pressure ulcers, traumatic wounds, second degree burns, surgical wounds (donor sites/grafts) and trauma wounds, Hitzig and Cooley found that MatriStem’s properties offered a wider range of treatment than originally suspected, one of which included hair cloning.

The wound healing powder MatriStem, fundamentally diversifies wound rehabilitation by prompting new blood vessel production at the wound site and providing an appropriate substrate for host cell attachment, differentiation and proliferation. Hitzig and Cooley also discovered that MatriStem induced the body to regenerate the original tissue complete with hair follicles. Dr Hitzig said, “We’ve made amazing breakthroughs using MatriStem as a hair cloning tool, we’ve been able to multiply the number of hair follicle components, it appears that we are able to achieve true hair regeneration.” This means that for those patients who have little or no hair, the option to modify and enhance their appearance is now possible with the innovative medical hair restoration treatment MatriStem.

MatriStem healing wound powder was intended for research to see if the rehabilitative qualities could transform scars from previous transplants, and even re-grow hair in the donor area. A high success rate in treating scars led to this much anticipated hair cloning technique. Medical hair restoration is felicitous for patients who suffer from hair loss; it seems that this duplicating hair technique will revive any acute hair absence.