If you did not realise this before, there are roughly 100,000 hair strands on a normal individual’s head. Most of them are constantly growing at the same speed, with the remainder falling out after a month or so. This cycle of growth and hair loss happens to everyone, but often the pattern is disrupted and this causes male pattern baldness to develop in earnest.

An excessive development of testosterone known as DHT will clog the hair follicle root, thereby starting male pattern baldness. Strands of hair grow thinner, weaker and fall out. Nourishment is ideal and without it, your hair will begin to shed at a faster rate. Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) cannot be cured and only through cosmetic procedures can hair follicles be restored.

So what is the answer? Hair restoration is the only proven, working method of returning any mane of hair to its former glory. On the back and sides of the head, the hair grows thickest and hair grafts are taken from areas such as these. A single hair graft is not expensive, but the issue is that it takes hundreds of grafts and multiple surgeries to correct a balding dome. Yet again, it has been proven to work time and time again as the hair itself comes from a healthy, growing source.

So the rumours are true then. MPB can be averted by visiting a hair loss clinic and deciding upon an option that best suits you. Talk to your friendly physician today at Med Hair and see what they can do to correctly arrest the impending doom of a condition that may or may not affect you one day: hair loss.