“Hair Implant Surgery South Africa”….. Search!

After suffering with hair loss for such a long time and trying out hundreds and thousands of Rands worth of shampoos, magic potions, head massage techniques, follicle stimulating massages, follicle tablets and creams that supposedly instantly sprout hair, sending 4 photos of my head seemed like a walk in the park.

THE BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE WITH REGARDS TO MY HAIR. After a brief phone call with yourself (Dr Larry) in which you explained to me the type of procedure I would require and why I would need that particular one, I was ready to book my flight to Cape Town.

Having had my appointment brought forward twice due to openings becoming available I was set for the 4th of February 2014!. 4 months since my google search.

Upon arriving at MHR I was welcomed by your friendly ladies that were catching up on their daily gossip. They seemed so relaxed and accommodating which added to the comfort. Then walks in this big happy go lucky absolutely cheerful, humble, happy Chappy with so much hair on his head it looks as though he does implants on himself daily!! Who introduced himself as “Larry”.

I must say having your hair the way it is, is definitely a marketing strategy. It made me feel confident that you know what the hell you’re doing.

After a 15 minute consultation where I had you (Dr Larry) use my forehead as a canvas I was good to go! Time for “the most painful part of the entire experience” as you humorously said… The payment. Basically the only thing about being in “theatre” I am going to make mention of and I absolutely enjoyed was having music play in the background to which Dr Larry and his girls sang along and tapped their feet to. It was amazing! And made me feel so comfortable that I completely forgot what I was there for.

After the procedure was complete I was given my bag full of goodies along with “important Instructions” and sent to my hotel for the night.

Sleeping that night wasn’t a problem thanks to the anaesthetic.

The next day I boarded my flight for Durban and was home safe and sound.

Now for the healing and growth!

The 1st few nights were incredibly hard adapting to sleeping in an upright position and having my eyes swell shut due to my head tipping over in my sleep.

The “bathing” was easier than expected and soaking off the dry scabs where quite simple. My stitches where literally removed by my surgeon uncle (he really is a neurosurgeon) in his lounge and from then on it was just a waiting game, or so I thought. After reading almost every blog written by hair implant patients I sadly waited for “all the implanted strands to completely fall off before growing back again” which surprisingly didn’t happen to me.

About 3 weeks later I took a machine and shaved all the hair on top of my head to an even 2” which looked a tad neater. I went out and got myself a few stylish caps and hats and found different ways to wear them to conceal my hair implant procedure.

1 Month later:

Noticed some fine sprouts shooting through my upper forehead which would grow into my new hair line. Itching was my main issue and tiny little pimple developed which after reading up on, found out it was new hair trying to break through my scalp.

2 Months later:

A little more growth. Went for a haircut to try and shorten the sides to make my head look a little neater. Suture line is disappearing.

3 Months later:

Oh boy.. More Growth! I can run my hand over the top of my head and feel consistent spiky hair! Pimples have almost all gone. Unless I look for the suture line I cannot see it.

4 Months later:

Holy Crap!!! I have hair!!! And this new hairline is something I can never get enough of!

5 Months later:

Suture line? What suture line??? Caps have done their job and have now been retired. I can go out into public with a hairstyle. My hair is short but what the hell.. It’s consistently short. No one notices a thing!

6 Months later:

DR LARRY YOU BEAUTY!!!! I can literally run my hand through my hair! It’s incredible! It worked!!

From then on my hair has been growing like it’s on steroids. And I was constantly reminded, “You should only expect hair growth after 9 – 12 months” psshhhtttt…

What the hell where they talking about..?!

Today it’s been 9 months post-surgery and I literally have a head full of hair! The numbness and sensitivity experienced over the top of my head since the surgery is now 90% gone and my hair continues to grow. My hairline is thickening and the follicles have gone from sprouting 1 strand to 2 and 3 strands. My confidence is gone through the roof. When I tell people I’ve been for hair transplant surgery I get laughed at and told I’m talking absolute rubbish!

The last guy I told about my implants responded with (and I quote) “are you sh#*ting me??? Dude! You have a freaking afro!!!!” (He’s the guy that has visited you recently for a consult and will be back soon for his treatment)

I may have written an essay about my experience but all I intended to do was praise and thank you Doc for the absolute life changing experience you have given me. I remember telling you on the day of my consult / surgery that all I want is to be like those guys you have up on your wall. And you have given it to me. I, just like them have been given back the gift of youth!! And that is all thanks to you. Your kindness, honesty, enthusiasm and bubbly-ness has won over my heart and will continue to do so in the future. As for your assistants, my love and gratitude to them all. Especially Lucinda who assisted me with my bookings and transfers etc.

The work you are doing impacts people’s lives tremendously and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of each and every follicle you have planted and the bottom of my heart, lungs and kidneys for restoring my youth…

It’s been an epic journey and 1 which I will never forget. I’ve sang your praises to everyone that has noticed my hair growth and will continue to do so. (Basically I’ve been a walking business card) Most importantly, you gave me your word that your treatment will restore my hair and you have kept to it and for that I am forever grateful!

I wish you every success in the future and may God bless you with your hearts desires.