As usual, she was standing in front of her mirror combing out her long, luscious hair. She then noticed the back section of her hair and started to panic. A massive bald spot was revealed and she became so nervous that she had to instantly cover it. This was not the end of her terrifying story though – hair started to come out in the front of her scalp as well. This is when she took herself to a specialist; she was the diagnosed with discoid lupus. This is a disease that effectively tricks the body into destroying healthy cells and can cause hair loss as in the case of this unlucky lady.

Hair transplant surgery offered an effective way to treat her loss of hair. She visited an esteemed doctor who stated that for her case, hair restoration surgery would provide a natural look that would restore her self-esteem once more. Restoration of the hair follicles can change your outlook on life and the surgery is quick, simple and painless. The scalp is numbed and the healthiest hair follicles from the back of the head are then harvested for surgery. The donor site is sewed up and the hair plugs from the balding areas are removed. The healthy ones are put in the place of the removed ones and in a few months time, her hair will be back to normal once more. This surgery will take time to work, and a few more procedures will need to be performed until the effect of natural looking hair is once restored. Medical hair restoration for women is an excellent, natural-looking solution that all hair-loss sufferers should consider.