The hair loss industry is expected to greatly benefit from this cataclysm. The projected figures for 2012 are close to eight billion dollars. Korea and Singapore are expected to generate roughly half of this massive fortune. In the previous year, the company signed up into a joint-venture agreement with another hair transplantation company by the name of ASG. They signed up in order to create a clinic at the Paragon Medical Tower. This hair transplant clinic is only in the testing phases for now, yet the entire operation will be launched in a few short months.

The price of these advanced hair plugs come at a steep price – R60, 000. It will take considerable effort in order to train potential patients as to the cost-effectiveness of over more traditional methods such as wigs and other ‘snake-oil’ products.

Toshka have created a proprietary QHR (Quick Hair Restoration) system that has provided them with their fortunes. It is automated, allowing one to process the harvesting of each individual hair follicle from the back of the head (where the hair grows thickest and strongest) and transferring it to the bald spot via a tube punch. Intense medical and scientific research has ensured that this process is far less painful, as well as much more successful than previous methods.

The company is now in the process of mass-commercialisation in regard to the QHR machine. It believes that once the machine is firmly entrenched in the clinics of medical hair restoration hospitals the world over, that its profits will begin to soar. With hair restoration ideas like this though, we have no doubt that they will only go from strength to strength.