Hair transplant surgery is a revolutionary and permanent hair replacement solution to those experiencing hair loss from a variety of causes – be it hereditary or due to environmental factors. The process involves transplanting hair follicles from a healthy part of the body (a site where hair is resistant to falling out or thinning) to the part of the body where hair loss is occurring.

When these follicles are moved to the site where hair growth is desired, they are expected to function the same way as they did in their original site by inducing hair growth. The site from which hair follicles are donated is known as the donor site, while the site on the receiving end of the hair follicles is known as the recipient site.

Medical Hair Restoration Clinic ensures minimal discomfort for patients at all times by providing a light tranquilliser before the procedure starts. This relieves any stress that the patient may be experiencing regarding the procedure. A local anaesthetic is used on both the donor and recipient areas, after which hair producing skin from the donor site is removed, and the donor site is closed up. This skin is then divided into smaller pieces of scalp tissue (also referred to as grafts) containing two to three hairs each. Medical Hair Restoration Clinic makes use of an efficient technique known as the ‘lateral slit’ to make shallow incisions in the recipient site, into which these pieces of tissue are transplanted.

Transplanted hair on the recipient site will fall out after the procedure over the course of a couple of weeks. However, when the hair starts growing again after three or four months, hair growth will be gradual but permanent. Hair transplant surgery can also help with the replacement of eyebrow and eyelash hair. The procedure of hair transplant surgery has the added benefit that one’s own hair is used, meaning that results are as close to a natural head of hair as one can get.