40% Of all women surveyed and 27% of men responded by indicating that they have at some point in their lives, tried using a hair restoration product. This was used in an effort to curb hair loss, hair falling and other related issues. Of the 27% of men polled, half of this number stated that the effects were highly overrated. These were men who purchased over the counter medications, men who could not acquire a prescription medication. One of the top hair loss products, known as Propecia was the choice of the discerning man and was shown to be rather effective in its usefulness. Over-enlarged prostate glands can also be treated with this drug.

A variety of other popular remedies did not fare as well as this product however. The fingers were pointed directly at Rogaine, a remedy that is used directly on the scalp that is purportedly an excellent hair re-growth serum. It has even been approved for use for both men and women. Despite the hype, only 4% of the statistics from users of Rogaine indicated that the medicine caused ‘successful hair re-growth’. A massive 43% of all respondents said that the product was highly unsuccessful. Herbal treatments are also ineffective, according to the statistics.

Therefore, what can a balding individual hope to use in order to rectify their receding hairline? They need to stick to proven hair loss treatments, such as Propecia and hair transplantation surgeries. There are new advances in hair loss that continue to amaze the medical world on a daily basis though; this includes anti-inflammatory therapies with steroids. See a doctor whose speciality is hair loss, as today’s restorative surgeries look far more natural than the hair transplant grafts of the past.