Hair loss from burns or scarring present a high success rate compared to other causes of hair loss such as hormonal or genetic factors – making transplants the best treatment option to consider. Hair replacement surgery actually began as a treatment option for burn victims, with the first treatments conducted in 1939, when Japanese dermatologist Dr. Okuda first attempted to restore hair in burn victims. Using a punch technique to remove sections of the scalp that contained hair, he then implanted this hair into burned areas of the patients’ scalp. After their skin grafts healed, the patients’ hair continued to grow in the previously hairless areas. This paved the way for advancements in hair loss treatments, which have now evolved to become the current state-of-the-art treatments seen today that have helped many burn victims and other patients suffering from hair loss.

Burn patients who are considering their options for hair treatment should consult a qualified and experienced surgery or clinic that deals exclusively with hair loss treatments. A practitioner or surgeon will be able to access the scarring and tissue to determine whether or not hair transplant surgery is a viable option, and from there, the patient can begin treatment. With the help of skilled experts and the right treatment, hair loss from burns or scarring needn’t ruin your life – take the power back and consult a hair clinic such as Medical Hair Restoration today.