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Hair Loss Fables

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Hair Loss Fables

  • Hair myth (or fact) number one: is said to originate from the mother’s side of the family. In a recent South African poll, most were quoted as saying that they believed that hair loss only comes from the mother’s side of the genetic pool. The truth of the matter is that hair loss can come from any side of the family; this was discovered by leading hair transplant experts.
  • Hair myth number two: Overt stress will cause your hair to fall out in clumps. The poll showed that more than two-thirds of us believe that stress alone can cause loss of hair. This is of course, one of the top myths relating to hair loss. Let’s factor crash diets, intense medications, pregnancy hormones and certain thyroid conditions as well. All of these are only temporary however, and your hair will of course grow back in time.
  • Hair myth number three: Wearing a hat constantly, straightening or blow-drying your hair will cause hair loss. Almost every single one of us believes this old wives’ tale. Simply put, it is utter nonsense. Over-style your hair to your heart’s content, as genetic factors are the real reason for hair loss. You may damage your hair, but you will not trigger proper hair loss. Here’s a quick test. Run your fingers through your hair and if more than ten strands come out (with attached bulb), then you are experiencing excessive hair loss.
  • Hair myth number four: The use of ‘magic’ hair tonics, vitamins, natural rubs etc can restore hair. A full fifty percent of us have brought into this lie. Only thinning hair treatments can make any mark. The shampoos and other serums only improve hair health.
  • Hair myth number five: Hair loss is final and there is nothing I can do to get my glorious mane back. This is of course, untrue. Medical Hair Restoration has helped many men and women to restore their hair once more. There are a multitude of medical hair restoration treatments available. Contact our clinic today to find the right one for you.
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