For those who are healthy, hair loss should never be discarded. When you comb your hair and an unusually large amount of strands are pulled free, it is time to worry, not to pull out a trendy hat to cover it. Overly thinning hair points to sickness and a fragile state; don’t let this happen to you – contact Med Hair today and begin to delve into the reasons for your hair loss.

Let’s look at other reasons for hair loss. A deficiency of iron as well as an excessive amount of testosterone can cause women to experience a loss of hair. These are some of the more common metabolic indicators of loss, and the problem must be taken very seriously. Some of the more outlandish products that we do not recommend include laser hair combs. These devices have a claim to fame of stimulating hair growth. Sadly, tests have shown that they offer no improvement in hair restoration.

Medical hair surgery remains the only real option to a thinning scalp. Advancements in medical science have led to many exciting breakthroughs in this developing field, as in the past it was an extremely painful endeavour. Let us not breakaway from the matter at hand. Female hair loss is a far more serious indication of health related issues than it is for males. If you are suffering from unusual hair loss, then contact a medical hair surgeon today.