The top have stated that the number of eyebrow transplants has in fact, doubled from last year. This is not a hasty decision to make either – the price can venture well up to R30, 000 or even R40, 000 in fact. Over-plucking can cause permanent damage, and many offenders do not even realise the extreme harm that they are causing to their eyebrows. Eyebrow hair can stop growing, much like the hair on one’s head. For those who have naturally sparse eyebrows, hair transplant surgery could be the only option. (As an aside, transplanted facial hair will grow much like normal hair would.)

The 80’s were a time of thick, heavy eyebrows – think of Madonna or Richard Gere. But then the insidious decade of the 90’s loomed and caused everyone to create pencil thin eyebrows upon their brows. The over-inflated star, Pamela Anderson is a perfect example of this. Many of the best hair restoration surgeons have noticed the influx of patients pouring in to correct their old mistakes. Many have stated that the interest and trend for lusher brows is in direct correlation with all of the celebrities who have decided to grow their eyebrows out once more.

There have been many bizarre trends in fashion, but when it comes to eyebrows, the fuller look is currently here to stay. A quick consultation with a hair transplant surgeon can confirm that your over-plucked or too thin eyebrows can be thickened to create the appearance that you desire.