This relegates them to a lifetime of eyebrow pencils or wafer thin eyebrows that are barely noticeable. Young adults are some of the worst offenders, as they will go to great lengths in order to emulate a celebrity’s appearance. One should never follow the trend of a famous individual though. Everyone’s eyebrows need to be plucked according to their own shape. The shape of someone else’s brow is incongruous to your own, 99% of the time.

Many experts in the field have indicated that the eyebrow follicle, if traumatised enough can actually die. Once it is dead, then there is nil chance of any hair growing from that follicle once again. There are of course, many who wish to rejuvenate their eyebrows, even after suffering from an over-plucked experience. They have a craving once more to fill their eyebrows once again. There are thousands of high-priced eyebrow shaping tools that can create the appearance of fuller eyebrows – yet what does it take in order to create true eyebrows once more?

Eyebrow transplants are more common than you may think. Over 3500 transplants have been performed worldwide; this is a drastic increase from previous years, when it was merely an unheard of form of hair surgery. For a natural looking transplant, one needs to follow a simple series of rules in order to attain a harmony between the brows (but not directly between them, for that is a uni-brow). Hair must lay flat. It is best to use individually transplanted hairs and not multiple hairs. All implanted hairs need to follow the natural curve of the eyebrow, to account for any changes in direction. Before hair implants become a real concern for your eyebrows, learn to wax or pluck moderately on a monthly basis, this will prevent an inevitable surgery.