Does cutting your hair really help it grow?

Some things are certain, such as the fact that SPF protects your skin from the sun and that retinol reduces wrinkles. Other things are merely theories or legends.

One of the oldest beauty cliches, that cutting your hair makes it grow faster, has been proven to be incorrect. Shocking, right?

While you take a moment to process this information, we’ll continue and explain what’s going on.

Hair Cut Myth

Cutting your hair will make it grow faster, according to popular belief. Such is not the case. Because split ends are removed when you cut your hair, it may look healthier. You can retain length and minimize splitting by allowing the hair at the root to grow. Allowing split ends to remain on the strand will result in the hair continuing to split and break and you may never see an increase in length.

In layman’s terms, this means that by skipping a necessary cut, you’re allowing your (opportunist) split ends to split even more. This will eventually snap offleaving your hair short and brittle and preventing it from growing past a particular length.

Hair Cut Myth

As a result, regular trims will assist in maintaining the length of your mane while not promoting growth. Is that clear? Good.

Your best bet is to buy some hair growth vitamins as soon as possible. Biotin is an important element to search for because it promotes hair, nail, and skin health, as well as hair development.

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