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Medical treatment for hair loss starts from R230 per month. Hair transplants start from R40 per graft. Cost varies between different clinics and is usually calculated by taking into account the number of grafts needed and the type of harvesting technique used.

The most commonly prescribed medications to treat hair loss concerns are topical minoxidil and oral finas(teride). Other treatment options include spirono(lactone), dutas(teride) and PRP. Hair that has already been lost can be replaced by having a hair transplant, and in certain cases scalp micropigmentation or a hair system is an option.

Many high-quality brands aimed at treating hair loss are available on the market. The main ingredient(s), percentage or dosage of the active ingredient(s) and proven efficacy of a product or medication are taken into account when your hair doctor recommends treatment.

We recommend that you consult with a doctor that specialises in diagnosing and treating hair loss concerns.

There are several things you can do to possibly make your hair thicker. Some of the first steps in managing thin hair include how you take care of or style your hair, eating a balanced diet and reducing stress. Consult with your hair doctor if you are looking at supplements that are intended to boost hair growth, prescription hair loss products such as minoxidil and finas(teride), home treatments such as a derma roller or low level laser therapy, non-surgical medical treatment such as PRP, or hair transplant surgery.

The best vitamin(s) for hair growth include biotin, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, vitamin C, iron and zinc.

Medical Hair Restoration’s Regenerating Shampoo.

Minoxidil.  Minoxidil works by shortening the resting phase of hair and thus more hair moves into the growing phase. It also improves the blood circulation to the hair follicles and may increase the growth phase of the hair cycle, resulting in thicker, longer hair.

Finas(teride) and Minoxidil are the gold standard treatments for male-pattern hair loss. Finasteride is a 5 Alpha Reduc(tase) blocker that reduces production of the hormone DHT that causes male-pattern baldness.

Yes. Treatment usually consists of correcting vitamin deficiencies associated with hair loss (if present) and topical minoxidil. In some situations, a hair transplant may be an option.

A doctor that specializes in hair is called a medical hair specialist. The new term “trichiatrist” has been proposed to distinguish a medical professional from non-medical consultant who is called a trichologist.

Non-surgical hair replacement is aimed at treating existing hair. Options to stimulate follicular regeneration include oral medications, topical medications, PRP therapy, microneedling and PDO threads.

There are several causes for hair fall such as genetics, age, stress(ors), hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, medications and medical conditions.

Minoxidil is considered an effective treatment for most forms of hair loss. Finas(teride) is more effective than Minoxidil in the treatment of male pattern balding.

Yes. The two products that have been clinically proven to treat hair loss effectively are minoxidil and finas(teride).


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