Doctor Ryan Jankelowitz

Specialist hair transplant surgeon at Medical Hair Restoration

Doctor Jankelowitz spent several years training intensely under Doctor Larry Gershowitz, considered South Africa’s most prominent hair expert. He also honed his proficiency in Europe under world-famous hair surgeon, Dr Jean Devroye. Today, Doctor Ryan produces FUE surgery of the highest quality.

Dr. Ryan Jankelowitz

Hair Restoration Surgeon

Qualification: MB BCh Witwatersrand (20-NOV-96)
HPCSA Number: MP0469750
Board: Medical and Dental Professions Board

Who is Doctor Ryan Jankelowitz?

Doctor Ryan Jankelowitz is a specialist Hair Transplant Surgeon at Medical Hair Restoration.

Patients often mention Doctor Ryans’ gentle approach while skillfully extracting and implanting each hair follicle with precise depth and direction. FUE is very much a user dependant procedure that Doctor Jankelowtz seems to have mastered over recent years.

Doctor Ryan is one of very few hair transplant surgeons who offers his patients FUT and FUE procedures of equal and exceptional quality.

Surgeons such as Doctor Ryan Jankelowtz help Medical Hair Restoration retain its status as the leader in all areas of hair restoration surgery in South Africa.

Acclaimed FUE Surgeon

Since joining Medical Hair Restoration, Doctor Ryan has focused his attention on Follicular unit extraction hair transplantation. The FUE surgery method is, by far, outshining any other technique to date when it comes to minimal scarring, non-invasive, and fast recovery. When Ryan joined MHR, FUE surgery around the world still sat firmly in the shadow of FUT.

Doctor Larry Gershowitz, possibly the best hair transplant surgeon in Africa, encouraged Ryan to learn both FUT and FUE surgery skills.

Artistic Skill

Before joining Medical Hair Restoration, Ryan practised as a private general practitioner and built up a loyal clientele. Besides practising as a GP, Ryan skillfully performed injectable aesthetic treatments, including Botox and fillers. Cosmetic injectables helped develop the artistic eye that he applies today when shaping hairlines.

Surgery Techniques

Offering both FUT and FUE hair transplant surgery enables Doctor Ryan to give MHR patients the best result possible. If a FUT surgery would produce much better results for you, Doctor Ryan won’t hesitate to recommend it. At Medical Hair Restoration, our FUT and FUE surgery options complement each other in a non-competitive manner, ensuring that our clients get the best results achievable.

Doctor Larry Gershowitz