Doctor Larry Gershowitz

Specialist hair transplant surgeon at Medical Hair Restoration

Dr. Larry Gershowitz has been practising hair restoration since the ’90s. Today, Larry is considered South Africa’s most prominent expert in hair restoration and transplantation.

Dr. Larry Gershowitz

Hair Restoration Surgeon

Qualification: MB ChB Stell (26-NOV-90)
HPCSA Number: MP0372706
Board: Medical and Dental Professions Board

Who is Doctor Larry Gershowitz?

Doctor Larry Gershowitz is the lead FUT hair transplant surgeon and restoration expert at Medical Hair Restoration in Cape Town. He also often performs larger surgeries himself at MHR Durban and Johannesburg satellite practices.

South Africans got to know this skilled hair surgeon over many years through television broadcasts, radio interviews, and word of mouth.

On an international level, Doctor Larry is highly respected in his field and often a guest speaker at international hair restoration conferences.

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Acclaimed FUT Surgeon

Doctor Larry has been doing hair transplant surgery since the late ’90s. Many Doctors perform FUE, but a relative few perform FUT, also called the Strip Method hair transplant. By developing his FUT surgery skill to an exceptional level, he can widely apply this technique from forehead reduction to transgender hair adaption.

Dr. Larry performing FUT Surgery

Surgery Techniques

Doctor Gershowitz keeps up to date with the latest medical techniques in his field. He performs FUE and FUT at an exceptional level while continuously growing his knowledge base. Using innovative techniques and real artistic flair, he’s perfected his craft and secured his position at the forefront of medical hair restoration in the country.

Dr. Larry discussing Hair Loss Products

Doctor Larry Geshowitz

Doctor Larry is the lead hair transplant surgeon at Medical Hair Restoration, his home since 1998. Larry completed his medical degree in 1989 from the University of Stellenbosch. He trained extensively under acclaimed surgeon, Dr. Ress, before taking the reigns some years ago.

Since then, Doctor Larry has performed thousands of hair transplants. With each transplant, he further develops the artistic skill that he is so well known for in South Africa. His perfectionism and innovative techniques are also well known in Africa’s medical circles, resulting in a large patient base of medical Doctors that choose Larry as their preferred hair transplant surgeon.

Doctor Larry has developed a particular passion for ethnic hair transplants. Even though Doctor Larry is an expert in both FUE and FUT surgery, he mostly recommends FUT to African patients. There are several reasons for this, and for Doctor Larry, it’s about the best result for you. Due to his passion and perfection of ethnic hair transplants, he can proudly say that he has performed more ethnic hair transplants than any other surgeon in Africa. Doctor Larry has earned himself an unrivalled reputation as an acclaimed ethnic hair surgeon.

Using innovative techniques and real artistic flair, Doctor Larry perfected transgender hair adaption in South Africa. Doctor Larry studies natural hairlines intensely, giving him the ability to suggest the appropriate hairline with the correct features resulting in a flawless new look.

As an expert in hair transplants, Doctor Larry Gershowitz continues to attend many local and international live surgery workshops, seminars, and conferences. On his returns, Larry brings with him some of the world’s best-kept hair loss secrets. We say “secrets” because some specific words are not allowed to appear on the internet in some countries, so we can’t show you any information here.

Doctor Larry is a member of the Dermatological and Aesthetic Surgery International League (DASIL), and he has been a previous long-standing member of the IRHRS from 1999-2013. Consequently, he’s a regular face at the annual ISHRS World Hair Congress and is often a guest speaker at medical functions.

Larry is actively involved in ongoing medical and patient education, training fellow doctors and pharmaceutical reps. He gives lectures and talks about the causes of and treatment for hair loss, and participates in live radio chats and T.V. presentations.

Medical Hair Restoration has become a trusted name in the field under Doctor Larry’s leadership and one of the best hair loss clinics globally.

Passionate about the best African hair transplant methods

Doctor Larry developed a particular passion for ethnic hair transplantsDoctor Gershowitz can proudly say that he has performed more ethnic hair transplants than any other surgeon in Africa. Though being an expert in both FUE and FUT surgery, he mostly recommends FUT to African patients.

I couldn’t be happier with the results, best money ever spent, the team was fantastic and it was all so quick and painless, even recovery was great, I highly recommend it to everyone, I actually do recommend it all the time. It’s a great team and super-efficient. Might even do it again!

German De la Melena

NOTHING comes close to the proven results which MHR offer. I have had 2 procedures with such great results that boosted my confidence. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else. Dr Larry and Dr Ryan are the best. The rest of the staff are just as friendly and professional. Keep it up!!

Darryl Clifford

Now this is a WINNING TEAM! Although the procedure is done extremely professional, you never feel like an object. Dr Larry and your team: thumbs up from me! My results are amazing! You gave me so much more confidence about myself! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Willem Luitingh

Medical Hair Restoration has become a trusted name in the field under his leadership and earned its position amongst the world’s most renowned surgical hair restoration clinics.

Doctor Larry Gershowitz