Doctor Larry Gershowitz

Doctor Larry Gershowitz, is a specialist hair transplant surgeon at Medical Hair Restoration.

Larry is the lead hair transplant surgeon at Medical Hair Restoration, his home since 1998. Larry completed his medical degree in 1989 from the University of Stellenbosch. He trained extensively under acclaimed surgeon, Dr. Ress, before taking the reigns some years ago.

How many hair transplants has Doctor Larry done?

Doctor Larry has performed thousands of hair transplants. With each transplant, he further develops the artistic skill that he is so well known for in South Africa. His perfectionism and innovative techniques are also well known in Africa’s medical circles, resulting in a large patient base of medical Doctors that choose Larry as their preferred hair transplant surgeon.


Hair transplant surgeon, Doctor Larry Gershowitz,  is considered South Africa’s most prominent expert in hair.

Firstly, Larry specialises in F.U.T and F.U.E hair transplants of all ethnicities. Further, Larry is also skilled in all the other surgical and non-surgical treatments offered at M.H.R. such a forehead reduction surgery and transgender hair adaption.

Doctor Larry developed a particular passion for ethnic hair transplants. Even though Doctor Larry is an expert in both F.U.E and F.U.T surgery, he mostly recommends F.U.T to African patients. There are several reasons for this, and for Doctor Larry, it’s about the best result for you. Due to his passion and perfection of ethnic hair transplants, he can proudly say that he has performed more ethnic hair transplants than any other surgeon in Africa. Doctor Larry has earned himself an unrivalled reputation as an acclaimed ethnic hair surgeon.

Innovative techniques combined with skill and artistic flair.

Using innovative techniques and real artistic flair, Doctor Larry perfected transgender hair adaption in South Africa. Doctor Larry studies natural hairlines intensely, therefore giving him the ability to suggest the appropriate hairline with the correct features resulting in a flawless new look.

As an expert in hair transplants, Doctor Larry Gershowitz continues to attend many local and international live surgery workshops, seminars, and conferences. On his returns, Larry brings with him some of the world’s best-kept hair loss secrets.  We say “secrets” because some specific words are not allowed to appear on the internet in some countries. Subsequently, we can’t show you any information here.

Medical Hair Restoration has become a trusted name in the field under Doctor Larry’s leadership and one of the best hair loss clinics globally.


Dr Larry and his team did a fantastic job on my head!

Michael Oscard

I had it done as a teenager after many operations on my head. Today my scars are barely visible thanks to Dr Larry!

Germaine Dale

I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a stellar job. It’s been almost 4 years now & my hair has never looked better! You have no idea how much you’ve done in restoring my confidence.


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