African Hair Care Tips

African Hair Care Tips  African hair is quite fragile and prone to injury and damage due to its unique appearance and structure. Thinning hair or hair loss is the #1 hair issue for more than half of African women. Fortunately, there are several things Africans may do to help limit damage and maintain their hair's beauty. Medical Hair Restoration [...]

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Hair Loss

Hair Loss Explained Welcome to Medical Hair Restoration, South Africa's premier hair loss clinic. Medical Hair Restoration has been committed to delivering the highest quality outcomes and individualized patient care in the domain of hair loss restoration since 1990. Our Success We measure our achievement by assisting you, our patients, in attaining and sustaining [...]

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Male Pattern Balding

Male Pattern Balding What causes male pattern balding? Male pattern balding in men is caused by three major factors: genetics, age, and the sensitivity or pre-deposition to DHT (Dyhidoxi testosterone). Male-pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, occurs as a man's testosterone levels change over time over his life. Male-pattern baldness is also influenced by genetic influences. How do I know if Im [...]

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Hair Transplant Surgery FAQ

Hair Transplant Surgery FAQ How does Hair Transplant Surgery Work? Hair transplant surgery requires transferring (transplantation) the resistant bald hair follicles from the back of the head to the top and front of the head in the balding areas. This procedure is reliable and will last a lifetime because, no matter where they are transplanted, [...]

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Hair transplant surgery in South Africa

Hair Transplant Surgery, South Africa When considering a hair transplant in South Africa, you will find many clinics in the sunny country that seem to offer the best hair transplant surgery and more. Each clinic offers the “WOW” factor and each clinic seem to fit like a glove but is it that easy to choose a hair surgeon? On the [...]

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Hair Transplant Patient Diary

Day of surgery: I was a little jittery the morning of my op as it was my first time and I had no idea what to expect. The staff at MHR were top class and assured me I had nothing to worry about…they were right! Once the anesthetic kicked in I literally felt zero pain or discomfort. Even though I was aware my [...]

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Correct Expectations

A patient’s expectations for their hair transplant procedure can tend to be affected by several aspects, including the severity of the hair loss as well as the age of the patient. Younger patients are still all too familiar with the former density of their hair and are also more than likely at a stage where they are losing their hair [...]

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Celebrity Hair

See which celebrities pass and fail the Hair Q test The Hair Q Score system, which was developed by a medical doctor and experienced hair transplant surgeon, has calculated the best and worst in celebrity hair in Hollywood. On the top of the list are stars Ellen DeGeneres, Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Aniston who scored 9 points in the 10-point [...]

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Hair Transplant Statistics

40% of all women surveyed and 27% of men responded by indicating that they have at some point in their lives, tried using a hair restoration product. This was used in an effort to curb hair loss, hair falling and other related issues. Of the 27% of men polled, half of this number stated that the effects were highly overrated. [...]

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New Advancements in Medical Hair Restoration for Woman

As usual, she was standing in front of her mirror combing out her long, luscious hair. She then noticed the back section of her hair and started to panic. A massive bald spot was revealed and she became so nervous that she had to instantly cover it. This was not the end of her terrifying story though – hair started [...]

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