What Causes Hair Loss?

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Hair Loss Causes

Many patients who seek hair replacement treatment don’ know what causes their affliction. Balding occurs in 60-70% of men and 4-8% of women. Therefore, if you’re shedding handfuls of precious strands every time you bathe or draw a comb through your hair, it’s important to find out why.
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Women’s Hair Loss

Although balding is mostly associated with men, female hair loss is increasingly diagnosed and successfully treated using hair restoration procedures. To avoid confusion, it’s important to note that women’s hair loss doesn’t generally follow the same patterns as men’s. We can tell you how it differs.
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Hair Surgery History

Hair loss has plagued mankind for centuries, and resulted in thousands of so-called “cures” to remedy the situation. Thankfully, from the 1700’s to the present day, treatments have evolved into innovative procedures that are effective in restoring your hair to its former glory.
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