Hair Restoration Surgery

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When it comes to hair surgery options, transplantation is a popular solution. At Medhair, this minor procedure is performed on an outpatient basis in our fully equipped theaters.

Proven Solutions

Nowadays, there are plenty of remedies for balding and thinning tresses. These new breakthroughs owe their success to fact that the transplanted hair follicles behave in the same way as they did in their original site.

Fortunately, even in advanced cases of male pattern baldness, a horseshoe-shaped fringe of hair remains. Surgeons can now move follicles from this hairy area to the bald pate, where the roots will settle and sprout.

How Hair Surgery Works

Before your transplantation surgery, you’re given a mild tranquilliser to minimise anxiety and reduce discomfort. The donor and recipient areas also receive a local anaesthetic, administered through a very small-gauge needle. From there, the process is very simple, consisting of just a few steps:

  1. A sample of hair-bearing skin is taken from the areas of your head that experience consistent growth.
  2. The donor hair is then dissected into tiny grafts, each of which contains two to three strands.
  3. These sections are placed into tiny slits in the bare recipient area. Your body’s natural ‘glue’ anchors the new patches in place within minutes.
  4. Donor areas are sutured closed, and stitches are removed 10 to 12 days after the procedure.

What to Expect

With this cosmetic surgery, a minimal amount of bleeding is to be expected. Of great comfort to many patients is the way that the hair surrounding the donor area completely camouflages the stitches. We recommend leaving the hair in this area at least three to five centimetres long to ensure the best coverage.

In the weeks following your treatment, the transplanted hair will fall out, leaving the viable follicles in a dormant state. About three to four months after the restoration surgery, this hair will slowly start to grow back, and continue to do so indefinitely.

It’s important to remember that full results will be apparent only eight months to one year later.

Contact Medhair today for more information about the best hair surgery options for your condition.