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For more than 12 years, Medhair has successfully treated multiple forms of hair loss at our state-of-the art facility. Consequently, our talented team is fortunate to have satisfied clients that send us their thanks and appreciation, and we’re proud to display their hair restoration stories.
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Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair loss can occur at any time in your life, for various reasons and with traumatic consequences for those afflicted. Fortunately, the highly skilled and passionate surgeons at Medhair know exactly how to restore your flowing mane. We’ve already successfully performed over 6000 procedures.
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Transplant Treatments

Ill-fitting hairpieces and conspicuous hats could be a thing of your past, if you undergo one of our minor outpatient procedures. At Medhair, we can restore any bald or thinning area in just one to two sessions. What’s more, our transplants have consistently pleasing without any visible scars.
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Cosmetic Transplants

If you have visible scalp or eyebrow scars from previous surgeries or traumas, our new hair transplantation techniques can disguise or completely hide these disfigurements. As Medhair is committed to providing clients with natural-looking hair, we’re highly skilled at repairing irregularities.
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Pre-op Preparation

To ensure that your scalp is ready for hair surgery, Medhair professionals assess your head and recommend a few pre-op exercises. Most often, these quick and easy workouts promote scalp laxity or elasticity, loosening the skin on your head to improve its response to treatment, and post-op recovery time.
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Post-op Rehabilitation

Newly transplanted hair is delicate and has to be protected during the first two weeks after surgery. To ensure you don’t accidentally dislodge a follicle, Medhair surgeons carefully explain exactly what to avoid doing before your sutures are removed. Thereafter, you can safely resume your normal activities.
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