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Eyebrow Anatomy and Physiology

Apart from providing an important protective function for the eyes, eyebrows provide a frame for the face. In most cases eyebrows are slightly asymmetrical, and grooming techniques aim to improve symmetry.
Eyebrow transplantation is possible to restore the appearance of eyebrows after over plucking, trauma or naturally sparse eyebrows.

Eyebrow Transplant Technique

Using the FUE technique, it is possible to follow the natural hair direction of the eyebrows very closely. This entails very subtle angle changes to recreate the brows.
Only individual hair follicles are used. Since the scalp naturally consists of 1 to 4-hair follicular units, hair taken from this area must be divided up into 1-hair grafts using a stereomicroscope. It is therefore an ultra-refined form of micro grafting.
Single hair micro grafts, placed into recipient sites that have been created at very acute angles to the skin surface, require a considerable amount of skill and experience.

Cosmetic Results of an Eyebrow Transplant

Although eyebrow hair transplantation is a safe and cosmetically elegant procedure, there are a number of things to consider before undergoing this type of hair restoration:
• The scalp hair transplanted to eyebrows will continue to grow and must therefore be periodically cut. Besides being a minor nuisance, trimming the hair leaves a cut-end that is not as delicate as the fine-tipped end of an untouched hair.
• In the process of healing, all wounds contract. As the recipient sites contract, they may slightly change their flat orientation and sometimes result in eyebrow hair that is slightly more elevated than one would like.
• In contrast to hair transplants, where the donor hair is taken from another part of the scalp and matches perfectly, with eyebrow transplants the hair is taken from a part of the body other than the eyebrows and will thus have slightly different characteristics with regard to both growth rate and appearance. If they are different, then over time, the transplanted scalp hair will slowly begin to approximate the growth pattern and characteristics of the existing eyebrow hair – but it may never totally match it.

The appearance of an eyebrow transplant will mature over the course of a year. At that time, an additional eyebrow hair transplant procedure may be considered. During this interval, the eyebrow can be tweezed and shaped as needed.

Cost of Eyebrow Transplant

restoration, and usually ranges between R 5,000.00 and R10,000.00 per single brow.
(prices exclude VAT)