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Restored by doctor’s scalpel

Before November 25, Julia Murray* disliked what she saw in the mirror - a higher and wider forehead than she wanted. Two hours after surgery, her life had changed forever.The 33-year-old Cape Town designer became the first South African to undergo a new surgical procedure that reduces the size of a forehead by as much as 3cm. Murray said her [...]

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Hair today, bald tomorrow

Losing hair is not fun. Nobody likes seeing hair on their brush or, worse, seeing skin where there is supposed to be a luscious mane. While women are willing to talk about their hair problems, men are more reticent, even though men have bigger hair-related problems like balding. You’d have to be blind to miss the peek-a-boo hairlines of men [...]

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Quest for that perfect crowning glory

A concoction of opium, horseradish, pigeon droppings and beetroot was a remedy offered for baldness by the father of modern medicine Hippocrates, who battled hair loss himself. The ancient Egyptian recipe included “toes of a dog and a hoof of an ass”, according to the HairLossLearningCenter. Dr Craig Ress, left, performs a hair transplant on a patient. Picture: Candice Chaplin [...]

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