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The Medical Hair Restoration centre is the only South African clinic that exclusively specialises in hair loss treatments. Our highly trained team of doctors has unique insights into the professional, social and personal aspects of balding and restorative procedures.

A Clinic Committed to Comprehensive Scalp Care

The devoted staff members at MHR have spent years studying the causes, indications and treatment of male and female balding. Consequently, they’re well-educated in the latest international techniques, providing every client we meet with world-class service.

Our highly trained doctors consult more than 1500 patients a year and use their surgical skills to perform procedures daily. Furthermore, we do more than hair transplantation. We can also offer you:

  • Trans-gender hair adaptation
  • Corrective surgery for scalp scars and poorly performed procedures
  • Follicular Regener8 (FR8)
  • Micro needling sessions

A Team Devoted to Natural Results

Our mission at MHR is simple – we aim to ensure that every patient leaves our clinic with beautiful natural hair that they’re proud to display. To achieve this, we employ surgeons with impeccable skills and innate artistic abilities, capable of restoring your lustrous locks.

For instance, our lead surgeon is Dr. Larry Gershowitz, a highly talented man in various creative arts – from painting and sculpting to hair transplants and scalp scar revision. Under his care, you’re assured of:

  • Natural hair lines
  • Healthy scalp coverage
  • A lush texture

Comforting Expert Assistance to Rely on

At MHR we pledge to deliver friendly and compassionate service from your first consultation to your final follow-up. We consider it a simple show of respect, and are dedicated to treating each patient as an individual. Your personal preferences are requested to determine your ideal follicle flow pattern.

Your comfort and wellbeing are our main concern. Consequently, our treatment options are fully discussed with you in confidential meetings, where you’re offered advice and our undivided attention. Contact us today to book your own free consultation.