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Contacting the fine doctors and surgeons for questions is easy. You can reach us by email, telephone, or visit us at our offices in picturesque Green Point, South Africa. All of our procedures are carried out in our own state-of-the-art medical suites and we aim to make your hair replacement treatment experience as smooth as possible.

Medical Hair Restoration is committed and always will be, to maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with each and every patient. Every member of our clinical team will provide continuous contact, access and feedback for each one of our patient under our care. is a personal experience which can greatly impact the way that you perceive yourself, never mind what others think of you. Take control of your situation and contact us at the Medical Hair clinic for your own specific . Your new lease on life is waiting.

Note - This form and any reply to it does not take the place of an actual in person consultation. The information you provide simply enables us to give you initial suggestions and advice.

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